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LoadHound™ FAQ

General Questions
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What types of loads are posted on LoadHound?
Most of the loads are for full sized 48 or 53 foot trailers. There are also partial or LTL (less than truckload) loads ranging from one pallet to 35,000 pounds.
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How current are the load postings?
Our load postings are updated constantly, bringing you the freshest loads around. Old loads are automatically deleted after the scheduled pickup date.
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How do I get paid?
You must make payment arrangements with the broker or shipper. Some loads are paid on a per mile rate while others are paid by a flat rate.
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Do I need my authority to use LoadHound?
No, but brokers or shippers require the carriers they use to have an MC (Motor Carrier) number and/or DOT (Department of Transportation) number as required by law.
Load Matching Alerts
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Will LoadHound notify when new loads meet my search criteria?
Yes, you can tell LoadHound to save your search and keep looking. LoadHound sends you alerts when new matching loads are posted. LoadHound is smart about it, too. You won't get alerts on loads you've already seen that are removed and reposted - only loads that are actually new will trigger alerts.
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How does LoadHound notify me of new matches?
LoadHound can send alerts via email for as long as the saved search is still active. You can also get alerts via text message for the first hour after you save your search. LoadHound works hard to track down the loads you need.
Credit Scores
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What is a credit score?
Credit scores are provided by Ansonia Credit Data and are based on a company's number of years in business, credit references, credit history, and number of days to pay. Scores are updated monthly. The scores are:
ScoreRating Category
88-100Low Credit Risk
70 - 87Moderate Credit Risk
69 and belowHigh Credit Risk
Account Related
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I forgot my password. Can you send it to me?
Click the Forgot Your Login? link in the login area to open the password recovery window. You may Enter your username or your email address. Your password will be sent to the email address on file.
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How do I change my account information?
Log on and click My Account. On your Account Summary page you can update all your information.
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How do I change my username and password?
Log on and click My Account. On your Account Summary page you can update you password. Your username cannot be edited.
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Why did I get charged during my free trial period?
You may see a temporary $1.00 fraud prevention charge. This charge will be removed within a few days.
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Can I pay by check?
LoadHound does not currently accept checks.
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Will you mail a receipt to me every month?
No, but you can view and print a statement anytime. Go to the My Account. Click on the Billing Statements page to access your current and past billing statements.
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Will you disclose or sell my company's address, e-mail, phone number or any other information on my company?
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How do I cancel my subscription?
Log on and click My Account. On your Account Summary page, click the Edit Icon in the Account Status box, then click on the Cancel Subscription button. You will remain a paying member until your next billing date, and this will cancel all future scheduled payments for your subscription. If you cancel your account, it will remain active for use through the time you have paid. If you want to use LoadHound later after you have cancelled, simply log back onto your account and repeat the steps above to re-activate it.
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How do I make LoadHound as fast as possible?
For the best performance, use the latest version of your preferred browser.

“Your website really makes it easy to find loads ... I like getting my alerts as texts.”

C.Y., Tulsa, OK

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